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Skip Navigation Links. 173rd Meeting A two day hi-profile annual meeting was held at the Council’s auditorium on 22-23rd December, 2008. The meeting was headed by the Chairman of the Council Dr. Muhammad Khalid Masud. These were 7 members participating in the meeting. 1. Dr. Manzoor Ahmad 2. Dr. Faiz Bilqees 3. Syed Afzal Haider 4. Justice Rashid Ahmad Jalandhri 5. Justice (Rtd) Dr. Munir Ahmad Mughal 6. Mr. Abdullah Khilji 7. Dr. Mohsin Muzaffar Naqvi 16 agenda items were prepared by the Research Wing and presented before the members. Key issues discussed on the table were:- * Child Custody * The critical analysis of the Nikahnama. * Review of the present Federal and Provincial Laws of Pakistan up till, 2008. * Review of the Qisas and Diyat Laws * Draft report on “Writing off of loans”. * Non-Muslims citizens in Pakistan (Progress on the report) * Report on “Islam and Terrorism”. * Shariah point of view on the “Tenancy laws” and “Transfer of Property laws” in Pakistan. * Review of the amendments proposed by Mr. S.M. Zaman Bhatti (Advocate Supreme Court) on Pakistan Penal laws. Few agenda items were excluded upon a decision that they do not fall within the ambit of the Council of Islamic Ideology. The meeting was concluded successfully.

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