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Skip Navigation Links. 172nd Meeting The Annual meeting of the Council was held on 22-23rd December, 2008 at the Auditorium of the Council. The meeting was chaired by the Chairman Council of Islamic Ideology Dr. Khalid Masud and following members participated in the meeting. 1. Dr. Manzoor Ahmad 2. Mr. Javed Ahmad Ghamdi 3. Justice Rashid Ahmad Jalandhri 4. Dr. Mohsin Muzaffar Naqvi 5. Justice (R) Dr. Munir Ahmad Mughal 6. Dr. Faiz Bilqees Saying thanks to the members of the Council and also the Research Wing the Chairman appreciated the Research Wing of the efficient work and determination shown for the preparation of research notes, working papers and managements for the annual meeting. Various issues were put on the table and were discussed in detail. * The Law Minister Mr. Farooq A. Naik met the delegation from the Council of Islamic Ideology which was comprised of 3 members Chairman, Director General (Research) and the Secretary. The Law Minister was informed of the suggestions from the Council regarding the laws of “Nikah” and “Talaq”. The Law Minister promised that he will review those suggestions and will take steps to implement them through the Parliament. * About the announcement of “Nifaz-e-Shariat” in NWFP, the Chairman discussed with the members a project of organizing a workshop and an International Conference on the said subject. * The Chairman informed the members of roundtables and seminars held in Council in the year, 2008. A roundtable “The buryal of ladies alive” and a seminar “Islamic Banking” was held during this year, 2008. * The Chairman informed that the Council is preparing critical analysis report on “Family Laws” of Pakistan. * The members of the Council appreciated the work of the Council and encouraged that the Council should work efficiently in the years ahead. Total 8 agenda Items were discussed in the meeting and important decisions were made. The meeting was concluded successfully.

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