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Skip Navigation Links. Council’s 163rd meeting held on 20-21st December, 2006 was chaired by Chairman, Council of Islamic Ideology, Dr. Muhammad Khalid Masud. The following members participated in the meeting. 1. Mr. Javed Ahmed Ghamidi. 2. Allama Syed Mohammad Zakir Hussain. 3. Justice (R) Dr. Munir Ahmad Mughal. 4. Dr. Manzoor Ahmad. 5. Maulana Abdullah Khilji. 6. Prof. Dr. Said Bibi. 7. Syed Daman Ali Shah. 8. Justice Rashid Ahmed Jalandhri. 16 Agenda items were included in the meeting in which various issues were discussed. Among those issues were; Hudood and Taazirat laws in Pakistan, Current Economic issues and Islam, Qisas, Right way to slaughter animals, publication of the report named “ISLAH-E-QAYDIYAAN-O-JAIL-KHANAJAAT” etc.

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