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Skip Navigation Links. 162nd meeting of the Council was held on 20th and 21st September 2006. Some of the important issues on the agenda of the meeting were as under: 1. Who has the right of forgiveness of Qisas/Murder - Heir or state? The discussion on this issue was deferred. 2. Women's share in inheritance:issues,hurdles and legal difficulties. During the discussion on this item, the Council observed that people deprive their daughters of their legal share by distributing their lands in form of "Gift" (Hibba). In some cases male issues can also be the target of injustice. The Chairman Council said the Gift Act should be reviewed in accordance with the Quran and Sunnah. Therefore, it was decided that "The legal committee should study the Gift Act in the light of Quran and Sunnah and suggest amendments in it" 3. Capital punishment - Discussion in the light of Islamic injunctions. Through the letter No. HRC cn/R-158-B/Sep-2003, the registrar of Supreme Court sought the opinion of the Chairman CII according to the injunctions of Islam regarding Capital punishment by hanging. Moreover, in the light of Islamic injuctions Capital punishment by injection is permissible or not? While discussing and deliberating on the over all aspects of the issue, the Council unanimously held that such a mechanism should be adopted for Capital punishment which inflicts less pain and anguish. Moreover, philosophy of crime and punishment was also deliberated upon. Most of the punishments described and suggested in Islam, are prescribed for deterrence. The object of punishment, in Islam, is not to make the culprit a token of admonition for others, instead, the object is to put up deterrence against crime. The other prevalent punishments were also brought under discussion. Conclusively, it was decided that the opinion fo Abdul Qadir Audah should also be dispatched as reply. 4. Write-ups and consultations on Hudood Ordinance.

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