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Step 1 - Islamic Commission

The Council of Islamic Ideology was initially proposed in the first Constitution of Pakistan 1956. It was then named as to be Islamic Commission which was to be established within one year of promulgation of the Constitution. Article 198 (1) to (4) deals with Islamic Commission.
The Constitution of Pakistan 1956 article 198 (1-4)

Step 2 - Advisory Council

The Council of Islamic Ideology was established as Advisory Council of Islamic Ideology on August 1, 1962 under Article 199 of the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan 1962, which provided for the constitution of the Council (Articles 199 - 203), its functions (Article 204), rules of procedure (Article 205), and the establishment of Islamic Research Institute (Article 207).
[The Constitution of Pakistan 1962, Articles 199 - 207]

Step 3 - Council of Islamic Ideology

Advisory Council of Islamic Ideology was re-designated as Council of Islamic Ideology in Article 228 of the 1973 Constitution with provisions for its composition (Article 228), Procedure for reference to the Council (Article 229), its functions (Article 230), and Rules of Procedure (Article 231).
[The Constitution of Pakistan 1973, Articles 228 - 231)

The office of the council was located in Lahore where it continued to work until 26 September 1977 when its offices were shifted to Islamabad. The Council shifted to its own building in September, 1995.

Since 1962 the Council has held 190 meetings, revised laws of Pakistan, recommended several legislations and submitted more than 90 Reports.
The present plans include, in addition to reviewing laws, submission of recommendations to Parliment and dealing with references from the President, Governors and both Houses of Parliment, conductiong research, publications, seminars, conferences and a website.


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